Series Rovers Parts Suppliers:
(United States Only)

Note:  At OldRover.Com we love all people that support Series Rovers by creating easy access to quality LandRover parts.  The following list includes many current U.S. vendors.

British Pacific:
Rovers North:
Atlantic British:

Usually, we will price out the part, carefully calculate its relative importance and ETFI (estimated time for installation) and then make an often questionable decision.  In the end, you and your wallet must make the decision between orignal and cheap.

Remember getting the part is actually the easy part.

Our Recommendations:
Now that Da and I find ourselves in the twenty first century, our favorites are changing.  Recently, we have become real partial to:
British Pacific.  Good prices, west coast location, nice people, and by majority real rover parts.  Cheers boys! Tell'em Da and Roo send ya  (though they don't have any idea who we are).

Rover's North sometimes costs more but the quality of almost entirely original parts can not be beat.  (They are also very knowledgeable and helpful.)

Atlantic British usually is best price with predominately after market goods.  Still they are definitely worth it on occasion and now offer some discounts to new customers.

DAP used to be our favorite with good quality after market goods and has some decent used parts --  Unfortunately they seems to be out of stock allot lately.  They are also less reliable for mechanical help.

Warning! Be careful of the new places with big promises.  A place named British Bull Dogs ripped off more than a few people but I think they went out of business due to their questionable policies.  Keep an eye out and send us mail if you find a new place!

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