Yellow 80:

1949? Series I 80" SoftTop

Older Photos and Roo's Description From OldRover


Vehicle History:
See: Older Photos and Roo's Description From OldRover.

Year:  1949?  Yes serious rover buffs, it does not have full time 4WD and thus must be a late '50 or something -- I had dated it from the grill and high firewall turn signals originally.  BUT:  the vehicle had a military rebuild plack from much later in its life 1970 or something?  riveted somewhere on the car.  There is a chance that it is a 49 but had a replaced newer transmission and maybe a newer bigger engine -- this is unknown.  I will try to get the serial number and date it....

Current Condition:
This Rover is being sold "as is" with no Guarantees about its mechanical condition.  It has never run in our presence.  Head if off the block and the block is likely frozen (we have the head).  Other misc. engine parts like the oil bath air cleaner are missing.  A Good power wash would likely take all the yellow paint off.  Suprisingly straight though many little dents etc.  Only major hit is the front right frame outrigger which is bent down in front of the front cross member.

Photos (Taken 4/24/04):
Higher Resolution images.

Paint:  Yellow, Dark green, Original Green
Horribly converted wing lamps and turn signals.

Horrible new break lights and bad roll bar.

Notice Rear Grab Rings (not on our other 80's)

Doe not come with tow bar.

Front Right Frame Outrigger Bent from Accident
(in front of cross member)

Full Grill

Gauges have not glass.

3 Split Rims:  (May not be for sale with vehicle)

Engine bay with out head (we have head)
Likely frozen block

Original turn signal (Left glass there but broken)

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