Road Warrior:

1964 Series IIA 109" 5 Door Safari Station Wagon

Older Photos, History, and Ro's Description From OldRover


Known Missing Parts:  (To be honest I've never studied this car that well)
Left front fender (Buy Rustbucket for a nicer pair)
Interior:  seats, door panels, headliner etc..
Rear bench seat
Engine (It was removed in put into Da 88 -- could be remove for matching #'s at additional cost)
Some Left rear door attachment parts
Ignition switch (Solen by Da to fix Little Car)

Vehicle History:
Since the beginning I wanted a 109 5 door to turn into my best car.  Very hard to find in California.  More on the east coast but almost all rustbuckets and in need of frame ups that need a new frame.  This 109 was bought with da's 88 from the Badger.  It had taken a light side roll on its left side into a creek before he had gotten it.  We had it running after 2 hours when we bought it.  Roll damage was only bodywork not structural (we have almost all the original panels except the roof and side windows).  Before the stream roll the car had been clearly been hit on the same left side since the ruined body panels had a lot of bondo -- the front left frame had been been bent and repaired (see pic below).

I began collecting the missing parts:  roof, left rear door.  Scotty was owed me a roof in a trade for a Kodak heater but never lived up to the deal -- though he got the Kodak.  I ended up buying another roof from TeriAnne Wakeman to complete the car. Also I began disassembling the car for a frame up.  Started bodywork on the lower rear quarter panels.  Stripped paint of some of the firewall etc., painted the metal grill frame etc.  Removed the engine since I planned to put in a 6 (I know sacrilege now but I wanted it to go 70mph to the desert) also da's 88 needed one.  Never cut or modified anything for the engine swap -- just removed the engine.  Have all of the little parts in labeled zip lock bags

The amazing thing about this car is how straight it is and the original paint.  Untouched like a time warp since it was store in the hot and dry napa valley before I got it.  I've been careful to keep the rolling chassis covered with blue tarps -- better than any of out other cars. All the rest of the parts (doors etc) were stored in our dry barn.  All rust I know about is very light surface -- nothing close to structural.  95% or more original paint on the frame. Sand Color Body rare --I've only seen these in CA (Odd we have 2 huh?).  I could supply a deluxe bonnet with sunken tire mount instead of this primer black hood (deluxe but no tire -- Da took the original sand colored one for the Schoolbus since the color matched --- vanity and it wasn't sunken anyway)

Current Condition:
I'm partially assembling it back so that everyone can visually see all the panels:  doors etc.  In these photo's I just put the roof, window backs, fender grill frame and hood on. I'll continue for the doors, floorboards etc.

Want to Do a Frame-up on a straight California Frame Car ?  ITs all of our dreams.

Price:  Make an offer (Remember a new 5 door frame alone regularly $2770  and on sale for $2350 at Rover north)

Photos (Taken 4/24/04):
Higher Resolution images.


Missing front left fender (Have all doors etc.).

Repaired front frame from first accident.

One of the nicest original front fenders I've seen.

Light bodywork w/ some bondo bottom rear quarter panel.

Nice straight rear.

Roll side so more bondo on this rear quarter panel --
Rear door on this side is front another car -- bit of rust built great skin.

Light surface rust only on firewall -- nice a straight --
Have all window vent hardware etc.

Gauges, missing ignition.

84 or 64K mileage -- I can't remember.

Good working tranny.

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