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The 101 Forward Control LandRover was built for the British Military from 1975 to 1978 with a number of preproduction models dating from 1972-1974.  Roughly 2700 vehicles were manufactured in right and left hand drive, 12 and 24V models.  The majority of vehicles were GS models (General Service) and are "softops".  3 types of hard body 101's were also produced on stripped GS chassises.  These include an Ambulance (Approx. 300-450, body by Marshal's of Cambridge), a Radio Body (Approx. 125), and the "Vampire" Radio Body (Approx. 9-18, body by Marshal's of Cambridge).  There may be fourth type of hardbody, a Power Generation Vehicle, but since only one is confimered to exist I not sure it can be classified as a manufactured "type."

As with other LandRovers, the "101" namesake refers to the vehicle's wheel base in inches.  The driver is positioned at the very front of the vehicle with the engine located between the driver and passenger.  Mechanically the 101 is a combination of RangeRover, Military Series LandRover, and Custom parts.  The vehicle's are leaf sprung 1 tonnes and are fitted with a subtly modified RangeRover 3.5L V8 engine/transmission.  As with early Range Rovers, Four wheel drive is engaged with a vacuum centerdifferential lock.  Large diameter 900 X 16 tires (close to 36" ) are mounted on 6 stud rims driven by heavy-duty Salisbury axles.  The vehicle's has an incredible 74:1 low ratio first gear, producing a reported 7mph at 5,000rpm.  Some 101's came with a unique transmission driven forestry winch whose 65 meter cable can be routed fore or aft of the vehicle though a frame mounted pulley system.  (For more information see general info. links, bellow.)

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